The Ashes – as brought to you by Trajectory

22nd Nov, 2013

There is always a frisson of excitement at Trajectory in the week we receive a new wave of data from our own Global Foresight survey. 

Anticipation was heightened this time as it coincided with the start of The Ashes series, and allowed us to compare the state of play in both the competing nations. Sadly for us Poms, not only are we staring down the barrel in the first test match, but the Aussies have the edge in many of our findings. They are happier, enjoy higher levels of life satisfaction and are more trusting than the English. They also play more sport, hmmm.

However, at the risk of pandering to national stereotypes, we do seem to enjoy a more varied leisure time here. Indeed, we have been reminding our leisure sector clients that UK consumers enjoy the most varied leisure patterns of anyone. 43% of people in the UK participate in six or more of the ten leisure activities we monitor. This figure is the highest of any of the 20 countries covered in our survey, including Australia (which, to be fair, does pretty well at 40%). This is why the UK leisure market contains so many opportunities for business, but remains fiercely competitive.

The next wave of data is due at the end of January, by which time I hope it is not too mean of me to anticipate diminished Australian trust and confidence in the wake of an England fight back.