Trends Briefing: Sustainability after the crisis

What do brands need to know about consumer attitudes to sustainability in 2024?

Thursday 28th March 2024


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It’s been a tough couple of years for sustainability.

In the UK, Net Zero targets have been dialled down and there’s vocal – if low-level – opposition to policies that incentivise us to live greener lives. The optimism of COP26 – when, briefly, 40% of the public listed the environment/climate change as their top concern in the Ipsos MORI issues index – has been buried under more than two years of cost-of-living concern. As we hurtle towards a general election the urgency of climate change is likely to be just another issue – behind public services, economic growth, tax, inflation and immigration in the minds of voters.

Globally there’s been a similar lack of progress after the promise of 2021. Although the COP28 summit was hailed as the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era it didn’t really address the yawning chasm between China (and other major emerging economies) which is pursuing an adaptation strategy and the West which is preaching mitigation.

Where are the public in all of this?

The arc of consumer behaviour change is long, but it bends towards sustainability. Trajectory’s recent analysis has found that:

  • Climate change is (still) socio-normative – the argument has been won, and everyone is green to some extent
  • Consumers’ hearts are in the right place – but economic pressures have narrowed concerns
  • Individuals feel they have fairly limited agency in driving change – and see the onus on brands and governments
  • Consumer ignorance of widely used sustainability terms is high – lots of corporate communications doesn’t hit the mark with the audience

What do you need to know about consumer attitudes?

Join us  for our next trends briefing as take you through our latest research into consumer attitudes to sustainability and the implications for brands, strategists, communicators and policymakers. We’ll share insights from our proprietary Shades of Green index and new findings from our recent work on the Language of Sustainability. We’ll also explore where next for sustainability attitudes as the UK public look to a future in which both lower inflation and a new government are likely to feature.

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