Hybrid working is here to stay.

Prior to the pandemic, around 17% of economically active people worked predominantly from home. In the first lockdown, that figure doubled, and although it has gradually declined has stabilised at around 25%.

That might not sound like a huge uplift, but translates into a massive number of people – 4.9m people who work from home now but didn’t before the pandemic. Who are these people? How have their lives changed? And how does their new working arrangements change their consumer behaviour?

WFH is the enduring legacy of the pandemic. It changes where people are, what they do and what they spend.

This report considers all those questions and more.

The full report is only available to our Now & Next members, but a sneak preview can be downloaded below. If you’re interested in finding out more, drop us a line at subscribe@trajectorypartnership.com or click here.

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