First wave of 2014 Staycation monitor released

19th May, 2014

Following the success of our Domestic Leisure Trends research project launched in December 2013, we were only too pleased to extend our relationship with VisitEngland as part of the VE Staycation Monitor.

The project, first launched in 2008, has been significantly refreshed in light of the rapidly changing economic landscape. Of course key questions remain in place – so ensuring access to the strongest trend data on the market.

The findings reveal that although consumers are aware of the wider economic recovery, they are not yet feeling the benefit – many still expect it to get worse before it gets better. This lack of economic optimism means that despite the economic recovery being under way, consumers are unlikely to make any major changes to holiday taking behaviour this year. 

A second wave of the survey will be carried out in the Autumn, in which we will look back on holiday taking in 2014 and gather more information on the consumer experience of the recovery – including what we can expect from 2015 and beyond.
Find more information on the Staycation monitor here.