October Trends Breakfast: Going to the dogs or never had it so good?

2nd Oct, 2015

Going to the dogs or never had it so good?

What does the state of British politics tell us about the state of British society?

Thursday 29th October 2015 – 08:30-9:30

Happenstance, 1a Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7AA

Our October breakfast marks the conclusion of the UK political conference season by exploring what the state of our politics says about the state of our society. Specifically, we are struck by two contrasting narratives accompanying the conferences so far.
One suggests current politics reflects polarisation and reduced opportunity for many. For example, young people bore the brunt of the 2008 crash, many are excluded from the property market and they (may) face a less prosperous future than their parents. They have flocked to support Jeremy Corbyn, or so this line of argument goes, because of a real crisis and a justifiable disillusionment with ‘spun’ politics.
The other narrative suggests that current politics reflects the pre-occupations of a society facing no major crises at all. According to this view, we obsess about the ‘authenticity’ of our politicians because there is nothing more important to worry about. In 2008, nobody worried about authenticity of politicians, or so this line of argument goes, when we thought the global finance system might collapse. Now Labour supporters can literally ‘afford’ to take a punt on Corbyn, because the stakes are not that high.
Though politics is our focus, we assure you there will be a strong commercial relevance to the session. Many of the forces shaping public attitudes towards politicians are the same forces shaping consumer attitudes towards brands. In politics we see many trends at play – individualism, decline of deference, authenticity and ‘new morality’ – that will also shape your organisation’s future.

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