Paul Flatters on Technophobia for the Huffington Post

21st Oct, 2015

Following a week in which the press has reported on two reports that examine – critically – the nation’s relationship with screens and technology Trajectory CEO Paul Flatters has written an excoriating blog for the Huffington Post on the real threat: technophobia.

Arguing against the notion that technology usage in children damages well-being, Paul says:

 There seem[s] to be an a priori assumption of detriment being associated with screen based media, with the research specifically designed to find it. [The research] neglected to point out that adolescents who had no access to screen based media also suffered from reduced well-being…. Surely a balanced presentation would have included this point?

Trajectory’s own research suggests that the link between technology usage and wellbeing is a positive one, a point that Paul makes in his article:

[Our research] suggests that the real social detriment is not to those who have too much screen time, but to those who lack sufficient access to screen based media. It is these groups which should receive the most urgent attention of policy makers.

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