Trajectory delighted to join innovative Capgemini network

19th Dec, 2014

Capgemini’s Partner Network is a broad and evolving set of companies drawn from tech vendors, start-ups, business service providers, academics, consultants and marketing service agencies – all working together to deliver digital strategies with the customer at their heart. It is designed to foster greater collaboration, based on rapid ideation, prototyping and testing, in order to create transformative change for clients.

By having access to a broad, properly managed ecosystem Capgemini clients have access to an unprecedented set of ideas, services and technologies. This enables them to drive innovation into their organisation.

Cliff Evans, Chief Digital Officer at Capgemini UK, welcomed Trajectory to the network as follows:

“We’re delighted to have Trajectory on board. Their input into our recent Co-Innovation Labs session, focusing on how to improve the traveller and shopper experience in airports, was invaluable. We’re looking forward to drawing on their consumer insights on future projects.”

Capgemini sees its role as that of a systems orchestrator, curating and managing a dynamic ecosystem – rather than trying to build everything – this reflects the Capgemini belief that ‘buy not build’ is the starting point for delivering effective digital innovation today.

Trajectory is delighted to be a part of this diverse network, with our role being focused particularly on developing the breadth and depth of the ideation phase of any digital innovation journey. As Michael Brennan, Executive Director at Trajectory, noted:

“The most effective digital innovations harness strong psychological insights in order to drive desired behaviours. Combining these psychological insights with a wider understanding of the socio-cultural, and perhaps especially, the socio-economic milieu within which such innovations are delivered is a critical success factor for businesses operating in today’s complex markets”

We very much look forward to working with Capgemini, their clients and the Partner Network in 2015. The partnership represents an important milestone for Trajectory as we develop our strategic foresight and innovation services with key partners and clients.



Michael Brennan

Mon 8th December 2014