Trajectory Trends Breakfast 31.10.13 – The Post-Recession Consumer (UK)

16th Oct, 2013

The Trajectory Trends Breakfast: The Post-Recession Consumer

The new normal or a return to boom time?

Thursday 31st October 2013 – 08.30 – 09.30

Happenstance, 1a Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7AA

The fifth Trajectory Trends Breakfast will go beyond the latest headlines surrounding the housing market, the stock market and economic growth statistics to focus on the emergent post-recession consumer and especially the impact of recent years on the future behaviours of different audiences.

At the outset it’s important to state that this has been a relatively uneven recession in so far as many groups within society have experienced little or no downside, and in some cases actually benefited from the wider environment in terms of low interest rates, low retail prices and more. Others of course have seen little or no change for opposite reasons – low incomes have not increased, the unemployed have not found sustained work, and bad health continues to hinder others.

And we know of course that young people in the UK and around the world are bearing a significant share of the impact of changing economic dynamics.

That scenario clearly points to the wider interest in what has been termed The Squeezed Middle and as we saw during the recent political party conference season a huge political focus on the reducing the cost of living – in the context of declining real incomes for many if not most employees.

And of course we have seen a great deal of wider interest in the idea of the New Normal or indeed the Perfect Storm – where the impact of the recession on overall consumer spending has coincided with an age of consumer empowerment enhanced by mobile technologies, social media and more.

The last few years have also seen a raft of consumer trends discussed, from discretionary thrift, to ostentatious frugality and including uncompromising consumers, mercurial consumption, the self-preservation society, the new morality and more.

Finally we have seen huge interest in the Future of The High Street in the context of changing consumption patterns, increased use of virtual commerce channels and of course reduced spend.
Here at Trajectory we have worked on commissions for the Harvard Business Review, RAPP and Which? Each looked at different aspects of the consumer response to the recession. We have also carried out sector specific studies for the likes of Heineken UK teasing out recessionary dynamics.

So what can we say for sure about the post-recession consumer psyche and their behaviours? As ever we don’t claim to have all of the answers, but we can promise an open and wide ranging discussion further to an opening presentation with a range of market data and research.

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