Generation Z

Thursday 28th July 2016 – 08:30-09:30

The Happenstance, 1a Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7AA

In the wake of the EU referendum generational issues – and in some cases, divides – have been front and centre in the ensuing debate. Our July trends breakfast will take a deeper look at the people who are about to enter the workplace – Generation Z, or ‘post-millennials’.

While some differences between recent generations stem from fairly obvious developments such as increased access to technology, the political landscape has also changed considerably, and will thus have far-reaching socio-economic implications for the generation that is more likely to participate in the creation of media rather than simply the consumption of it.

While literature around millennials and how they have been affected by the fallout from the economic downturn is abundant, Gen Z has been a tricky segment for researchers and demographers to analyse as it is currently still a very young cohort.

The ramifications of the EU referendum loom, but what will the oncoming political and societal upheaval mean for a generation in which the majority were too young to make their voices heard? Some of the challenges and changes facing Gen Z are shared by their counterpart Millennials; the cost of housing and the effects of growing up as digital natives for example, but some are unique, with Gen Zers in the UK the first to experience the effects of £9,000 university fees and the unknown problems that may lie ahead if student debts are sold.

While the relative lack of research on Generation Z means that stereotypes have been slow to set in, one has taken hold – Generation Z are seen as the healthiest generation. Generation Z are less likely to drink alcohol and more likely to eat healthily than their predecessors, which will impact their life-expectancy and result in continued changes to the meaning of age.

As ever, we don’t claim to have every answer – or even all of the questions – but we do hope you’ll join us for what promises to be a fascinating hour of debate and discussion.

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