CSR, Trust and the New Morality – a return to the past?

Thursday 31st March 2016 – 08.30-09.30

The Happenstance, 1a Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7AA

Our third breakfast of 2016 will take a fresh look at Corporate Social Responsibility and the drivers of ethical consumption. The CSR agenda is one highly sensitive to the changing economic circumstances of consumers and countries, and as the UK continues its slow ascent into recovery, could 2016 herald a new era for CSR?

Or could it simply herald an old era? Before the downturn, CSR was driven by a traditional ‘green’ agenda, but the financial crash ushered in a new set of priorities for both businesses and individuals. For many organisations, the bottom line took centre stage and many consumers struggled – literally – to afford wider concerns as they focussed on their own financial situation.

But recovery – and a renewed emphasis on environmental issues, especially in the wake of the VW emissions scandal last year – could help return us to this not so distant past as consumers feel more secure. As we identified at the start of the year, a new, serious, consumer mindset is present as we look forward to the recovery, meaning consumers are as uncompromising as ever.

However, our latest Global Foresight data reveals a rise in levels of trust and institutional confidence in both the UK and abroad as consumers turn to businesses and authorities to drive the recovery. This rising trust is a potential double-edged sword for businesses as greater engagement could mean greater accountability.

As ever, we don’t claim to have all the answers, but we do hope you’ll join us for what promises to be a fascinating session. Please email Isabelle (isabelle@trajectorypartnership.com) to reserve your place for free now.