The Future of the UK

Wednesday 25th May 2016 – 08:30-09:30

The Happenstance, 1a Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7AA

With local elections completed and a pivotal European Referendum just around the corner, the UK’s future is far from certain and our 5th trends breakfast of the year will take a deeper look at our increasingly fragmented nation.

This fragmentation is apparent however we look at the UK today: economic growth and job creation usually thought to favour London and the South East, vary at a local level, with Yorkshire and the Humber seeing the highest rates of both job and salary growth according to recent surveys. These differing fortunes are underlined by the current crisis in the UK Steel Industry (and wider manufacturing sector) and also reflected in the government’s ambitions to create a Northern Powerhouse of jobs and opportunity.

Politically, this fragmentation is also evident: last week elections brought success for UKIP in Wales, for the Conservatives in Scotland and a mini-revival for the Lib Dems in England. Though winning in London, Labour made catastrophic losses in Scotland.

Population growth, technology access, internal migration and the housing crisis are all areas in which this domestic fragmentation is playing out in an increasingly multispeed UK. Overhanging all of this is the uncertainty surrounding the UK’s relationship with Europe and the wider world.

This process of multi-faceted fragmentation within the UK has implications for all our clients. As ever, we don’t claim to have every answer – or even all of the questions – but we do hope you’ll join us for what promises to be a fascinating hour of debate and discussion. Please email Isabelle ( to reserve your place for free now.