Impact Magazine: Handle With Care – Data Privacy and CSR

19th Nov, 2013

In the latest issue of Impact Magazine, Trajectory Chief Executive Paul Flatters and associate Katherine Symonds-Moore argue that data privacy is steadily rising up the corporate responsibility agenda. As Paul says:

Concerns about global warming have morphed into concerns about whether companies pay their taxes, how much they pay their top executives and what their bonuses are…how companies handle data will become a really central part of the corporate responsibility agenda

Agreeing with Paul, Katherine emphasises how important it is for companies to recognise this shift now:

People can be very anxious and fearful about what happens with their data. In a lot of cases, of course, it’s heavily anonymised and it isn’t used for any malevolent purpose – but it’s a company’s responsibility to give consumers that reassurance

The full article is available to read online here: