Everything, from where and when we work to how we see our family and friends has changed this year. Questions are being raised about the future of offices, of the high street and the viability of jobs once central to the economy.

These changes combine to accelerate a long term macrotrend we refer to as the Deregulation of Life. This describes how people have greater freedom to choose what they want to do, when they want to do it and how it is done. As a result of the pandemic, both how and where activities take place are changing significantly, with long term consequences for property and place.

This report, produced in partnership with Milligan, explores the way the pandemic is changing daily life and the implications of this on real estate and property. In the first part we introduce the main trends that are driving change right now and explain that the reason they are so powerful is that in most cases they are not knee-jerk reactions to the disruption but accelerations of longer term trends. In the second part we examine the Deregulation of Life and the impact it is having during the pandemic, and in the third part we describe the future implications of these trends on real estate and property.

Download the report here.