In 2013 Trajectory were commissioned by Fitbit to provide trends and research into the direction of health and well-being in the UK. Wearables are set to undergo a period of significant growth in the coming years as mobile technology improves, and this report aims to explore health – and how the measurement of it could see a healthier, fitter UK.

The research involved both primary and secondary research. An in-depth literature was conducted in order to provide background for the report and identify the current research landscape on health and gaps in the existing knowledge. Following the literature review, interviews with 9 experts in the fields o body image, sleep consultancy, human behaviour and technology were undertaken to provide deep, rich insight into the research area, before a quantitative survey of 1,0005 nationally adults was conducted to provide a breadth of experience and opinions.

The report examines the gap between awareness and action in terms of health messages, the link between physical and mental health and the impact of the recession, technology and the work life balance on our ability to keep healthy.