A new research initiative brought to you by Trajectory and Fleet Street Communications

We have collaborated with Fleet Street (a communications agency that specialises in the hospitality and drinks sectors), to explore consumer understanding of the language companies use when describing their climate change initiatives. Both our organisations suspected that many consumers have little or no grasp of the meaning of many of the key terms used by companies when communicating about climate change mitigation.

Our ground breaking project, using innovative qualitative research and quantitative survey research, has confirmed our hypothesis. Many terms such as carbon neutral and net zero are either poorly understood by consumers or polarise opinion. Other terms such as locally sourced or recycled are much better understood. Further, those terms that are best understood are viewed more positively by consumers and do more to motivate brand choice. Responses also vary significantly across different demographic groups, meaning that optimum communication depends on your target segments.

We presented the findings of our research at The Restaurant Marketer & Innovator Summit 2024.

You can download the report here.

We are asking for your name, company, job title and email address. This information will be shared with both Trajectory and Fleet Street Communications.

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