In 2006, members of the Trajectory team worked with the Shaw Trust to further the charity’s understanding of mental health, and the taboo nature of the topic within workplaces in the UK. This report, undertaken in 2009, expands on the findings of the 2006 report.

The research involved in creating this report expanded upon the 2006 project in scale and scope, while providing trend data so that the direction of travel in workplace trends with regard to mental health could be monitored over time. 500 senior management and human resources respondents from UK businesses were surveyed in both 2006 & 2009 surveys, with a series of depth interviews undertaken with employees of mental health organisations such as Mind and the Mental Health Foundation to provide expert insight and commentary on the findings.

Positive findings were identified by the report, however there is a lot of work still to be done to improving workplaces as environments for those suffering with mental health conditions.