As we all adjust to new – and uncertain – realities, it is important to consider the present and the future.

“This is the kind of event that is going to live on for decades in people’s minds”

Graham Medley, Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

A pandemic is a era-defining thing. In identifying the spread of COVID-19 through the population as the kind of long term event that will live on for decades in the minds of people, Professor Graham Medley referenced the Blitz. That – and the war that continued after that, and the rationing that continued after that – did shape the attitudes of an entire generation. The pandemic will have a similar impact: in every sector, there will be no return to business as usual after the crisis passes.

This report explores 17 Key Trends that have been given new trajectories by the coronavirus pandemic. In it, we analyse what pandemic-enforced changes of habit will mean for our values, attitudes and behaviours in both the short and longer term future.

This report was updated in November 2020. The updated report can be found here.

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