Robots – and the artificial intelligence which drives them – are everywhere. They’ve been integrated into society so seamlessly that as you read this, you have likely already had tens, maybe even hundreds, of encounters with them already, from buying your train ticket, or using a self-service coffee machine to scanning an ID card to enter your workplace.

Yet the discussion surrounding the growing presence of robots in our lives is one dominated by fear; from fear of your job being automated at one end of the scale to fear of a robotic dystopia at the other. In this Trajection we debunk some common misconceptions while also highlighting the real risks.

Rather than asking “which jobs will be lost?”, we should be asking, “where will the next generation of jobs come from?”

We also offer reasons to be cheerful, viewing the growth of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation as a process of creative destruction; in many jobs, humans will be replaced by machines, but the jobs themselves will be replaced as the new industrial opportunities afforded by the proliferation of automation unfold.

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