Trajectory Breakfast Presentation: Privacy, Trust and Transparency

This month’s Trajectory Trends Breakfast explored privacy, trust and transparency.

The introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at the end of this month served as a crossroads for our privacy; a reaction to what has happened to privacy in our recent history and an attempt to control the future of privacy as our unprecedented interconnectedness brings with it new challenges.

In looking back, however, we understand that privacy has not always existed in the way we might conceptualise it now; controversy rages about the use of our data by social media companies and political campaigns, but previous notions of privacy extended simply to the ability to prevent trespass. The internet, for all its benefits, has changed the game, with each and every one of our online actions capable of being captured and datafied, allowing quite complex pictures of our personalities and livelihoods to be created online.

Without this, personalisation of products, and more efficient experiences online would not exist, however it comes at a cost – prompting significant questions about the future of digital citizenship.

Download the presentation to find out more.