Sport & Society: Is Sport a Force for Good?

This month’s Trajectory Trends Breakfast explored sport, and more specifically, whether sport is a force for good in society.

While sport is at times an extreme or simplified reflection of reality, it is ‘of reality’ and not separate to it. For this reason, many of the issues which intersect society – the creep of technology or unscrupulous practises to name just two examples – are also present in sport.

Similarly, while sport has always been used as a vehicle for politics, the way in which this is being done is reflective of the political events of our time, with the soft power of old – using sporting events for propaganda purposes, or to attract tourism and commerce – now joined by the new practises of sharp power, with the efforts of sophisticated, state-sponsored hacking units causing us to question the heroics of years gone by.

Ultimately, while sport can be a force for good, it can also be problematic. Sport has fantastic potential to affect individual, community and political change, but it might not always fulfil that potential.

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