The Future Demography of the UK

The rise of social media and the behavioural data resulting from our interactions with it have had a tremendous impact on how we conceptualise the segmentation of various consumers, allowing us to access and use hypertargeted data for the first time. However, this is just one piece of the puzzle – one often overlooked trend that is set to have a huge impact on the UK in both the near term and the long term is demographic change. While medical advances and a change in lifestyles mean that life expectancy increases do not appear to be slowing down, we also have to ask ourselves whether the UK making the most of its ageing population.

Increased longevity and the resulting ageing population also challenge the UK’s model of service provision. With numbers of workers decreasing at the same time as demand for public services rises, the sustainability of the current arrangements that govern our working lives and care provision has been called into question.

From a commercial perspective, increased longevity also means consumers and workers are likely to be ‘drawn’ from different generational cohorts. While these cohorts remain economically active and healthy in later life? Or will they be increasingly unhealthy and disempowered? Answering this challenge means looking at both the local and global implications of demographic trends.

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