The Future of Gender

Gender is an issue which affects us all as individuals in different ways, and differently across the various roles we play in society; as parents, as partners, as suppliers, clients and consumers.

The topics which make up any discussion on gender are disparate, and this is reflected in this presentation. In it we explore some of the more traditional debates around gender, looking at progress in business and political representation, inequality between men and women in work and pay, and in the social roles played by men and women inside and outside of family units.

But these debates largely rely on the flawed notion of sex and gender as binary; of male and female and man and woman, and as understanding of the spectrum of sex and gender develops, our reliance on these binaries to structure society will become increasingly problematic. Individuals who are biologically intersexual, or identify as non-binary face exclusion should these binaries hold. Products tailored for, or advertised toward, exclusively binary gendered groups on the basis of popular conceptions of masculinity and femininity will be increasingly wide of the mark.

These factors further complicate conversations about the pay gap and representation, but these are good problems to have, evidencing nuanced understanding of gender and sex. Globally there are enormous differences in levels of progress toward gender equality and recognition of sex & gender’s complexity. Of course, 30 slides isn’t enough to solve the problems that come with a topic as important or complex as gender, while accounting for global difference, but we’ve given it a good go.

Download our breakfast presentation to see our take on gender’s past, its present and its future.