The New Dichotomy

What kind of future do we want? This is the question that citizens and societies have been asking themselves – whether they know it or not – for several years, and in 2018 the faultlines between different groups will get wider.

In the UK the two new tribes – superseding ancient conventions of ‘left’ and ‘right’ – are social liberalism and social conservatism (or ‘somewheres’ and ‘anywheres’).

Within advanced economies political and social orders are reshaped as new movements gain support and momentum, with the comfy centre ground evaporating for politicians, parties and brands alike.

Across the world – from South America to Australia via Iran – a significant new divide is emerging, with younger and older generations locked in cultural conflict over the future they want.

Download this presentation to explore this New Dichotomy as we look ahead to a year of political upheaval, digital disruption and global challenges, asking what it means for brands, organisations and consumers.