Now & Next

Now & Next is an easy to use, continually updated, online Horizon Scan. It uses the same tools and methodologies that we use at Trajectory to think about the future and answer the biggest questions about change.

The core elements are: a structured approach to thinking about long-term drivers of change, an adapted PEST trends framework, and hot-off-the-press monthly data so we don’t miss anything new.

Every trend, article, presentation and report comes with implications – because understanding what change means is what makes it useful.


Our understanding of Now is underpinned by our regular monthly consumer sentiment barometer. Every month we test new and established consumer trends with a sample of 1,500 UK adults representative of the population by age, gender and region.


To understand Next, we use rigorous futures methodologies, including PEST analysis and Horizon Scanning. At the heart of this are the Trajectory Macrotrends – the jumping-off point for the future, each described by our team and incorporating data and real-world examples. Online, members can access our continually updated library of macrotrends content, supported each month by new articles describing the trends in action, deep dive reports and presentations.

Make better informed business decisions

Evolve strategies

Develop creative ideas

Become futures-led

Find evidence for trends

Understand the impact of change

Add structure to foresight

Face the future with more certainty

Everyone has a stake in the future. Our members include households brands, national charities, international agencies and public sector providers. Whether you’re a researcher, innovator, marketer, strategist or thought leader, Now & Next will demystify the future and provide clarity and certainty about change.

Our members use Now & Next to inform corporate strategy, brand strategy and innovation.

Now & Next

The core package – insight and foresight in one simple and affordable online membership. £3,200 per year per organisation. Unlimited logins per organisation.

What’s included

  • Monthly roundup from our senior team – an editorial report, straight to your inbox, on what’s new that you need to know
  • Optimism Index monthly reports and trends decks – hot-off-the-press data to keep you up to speed with the changing consumer mood
  • Access to all new reports, presentations and trends-in-action articles (new content every week)
  • Access to the full Trajectory Macrotrends library – the jumping off point for the future
  • Invites to all Trajectory Trends Briefings and events, including the member-only Optimism Webinar

£3,200 /year

What do I do now?


If today’s the key thing, sign-up to Now – an offline membership that keeps you in the (k)now. £500 per year, per person.

What’s included

  • Optimism Index monthly reports, sent directly to you
  • Invites to all Trajectory Trends Briefings and events, including the member-only Optimism Webinar
  • Monthly roundup from our senior team – an editorial report, straight to your inbox, on what’s new that you need to know

£500 /year

What do I do now?

Free membership

No budget? No problem.

Become a free member and access our Trends Briefings and stay up to date with select articles, commentary and insights via our Monthly Newsletter. Free membership also signs you up to our Slow Futures Substack – where we discuss the elements of the future that are changing slowly (or not at all).


What do I do now?

Now & Next+

Online not enough? Now & Next+ offers all the benefits of the core membership plus extra consultancy designed to fit your needs. Packages can be tailored to suit. £7,500 per year, per organisation. Unlimited logins per organisation.

What’s included

  • Everything in Now & Next, plus…
  • 10 omnibus questions to include in the Optimism Index survey each year
  • 3 days of analyst support per year – to dig into the data or take a deeper look at trends
  • 1 tailored trends presentation per year, to bring your team closer to what matters

£7,500 /year

What do I do now?


As a subscriber, I love being able to download the presentation and share that within the business, take the bits that are useful, so you can kind of relay what you've learned to a wider audience.’

Marketing & Analytics Consultant - Direct Line

‘It's a very nice price point and we’ve always always found the webinars really engaging’

Head of Insight - Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

‘Tom's people are the most grounded in what's going on in the consumer's minds; they pick up on a lot of trends that you might be curious about.’

Insights Manager, Simply Health

We’re a team of strategic insight and foresight experts that help organisations understand how the world is changing.

Our experienced and specialist team create bespoke strategies for each individual project, making sure that our services have a direct impact on how our clients approach the future. At Trajectory we’re less about fads and more about rigorous research and robust trends that make a difference.

If you are reviewing strategy or future trends, evaluating future resilience and shocks to your operating environment, needing to understand changing customers, requiring quantitative forecasts or are considering product development, please get in touch. Let’s find out what the future can do for you.