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<h1 style="color:#fff; font-weight:700; line-height: 1.1">Trends Presentations & Webinars</h1>

Trends Presentations & Webinars

Downloadable versions of our popular monthly Trends Breakfasts with commentary and data included.
<h1 style="color:#fff; font-weight:700">Optimism Index</h1>

Optimism Index

Complexity made easy in an exclusive monthly report containing hot-off-the-press data on UK consumer sentiment
<h1 style="color:#fff; font-weight:700">Trajections</h1>


A monthly series of detailed reports on the issues that matter, like the emergence of Sharp Power or the Rise of the Machines
<h1 style="color:#fff; font-weight:700">Trends Articles</h1>

Trends Articles

Our regularly updated library of hundreds of trends articles
<h1 style="color:#fff; font-weight:700; line-height: 1.1">Macrotrends</h1>


Audited every year, Macrotrends content provides key information on 31 trends that are fundamental to any horizon scanning, PEST analysis or long term strategic planning.


As a subscriber, I love being able to download the presentation and share that within the business, take the bits that are useful, so you can kind of relay what you've learned to a wider audience.’

Marketing & Analytics Consultant - Direct Line

‘It's a very nice price point and we’ve always always found the webinars really engaging’

Head of Insight - Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

‘Tom's people are the most grounded in what's going on in the consumer's minds; they pick up on a lot of trends that you might be curious about.’

Insights Manager, Simply Health

We’re a team of strategic insight and foresight experts that help organisations understand how the world is changing.

Our experienced and specialist team create bespoke strategies for each individual project, making sure that our services have a direct impact on how our clients approach the future. At Trajectory we’re less about fads and more about rigorous research and robust trends that make a difference.

If you are reviewing strategy or future trends, evaluating future resilience and shocks to your operating environment, needing to understand changing customers, requiring quantitative forecasts or are considering product development, please get in touch. Let’s find out what the future can do for you.