Can We Believe the Hype? The Future of 5G

Thursday 27th February 2020


The Fable, 52 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2FD

5G contains awesome promises.

It is the gateway to wholly connected life: the mesh which will connect the various sensors, devices, vehicles and intelligent machines together. It is the stack on top of which the Internet of Things, Conversational AI and Autonomous Vehicles are built. It is, eventually, the foundation of the utopian smart city, in which public and commercial services are run efficiently and automatically.

At the start of a new decade it is tempting to look ahead and see the challenges of the future solved by technology. Similarly grand expectations were placed on the shoulders of 4G and 3G before it – should we really expect a seismic change from 5G when history teaches us that a gradual shift is more likely?

The vast potential for 5G in the future is what makes it such a hot political issue in the present; like the internet before it, those who can dominate the development and emergence of 5G, will dominate the global economy during the 4th Industrial Revolution. China and the United States are fighting over 5G now, but it is a battle for the future.

Join us for Breakfast on February 27th as we take a detailed look at what we can expect from 5G over the next decade and explore just how excited we should be.

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