In Home Leisure: Where do we go from here? 

Thursday 30th April2020


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It’s fair to say that life in the UK – and around the world – has been completely transformed. From one month to the next, the world economy has ground to a halt, and over a third of the global population is experiencing some form of lockdown.

With society facing such challenges, it might seem frivolous to talk about leisure; nightclubs, pubs, bars and restaurants are shut, while global sport has almost entirely shut down. And yet, in the UK – prior to the pandemic, at least – leisure has never been more important to how we define ourselves. We are a play society.

Despite our love of being out of our homes, there have been significant developments in in home leisure in the last decade. The internet ubiquity has given rise to the emergence of countless streaming services, while on-demand delivery platforms mean we have never been better able to eat restaurant quality food – the nation’s favourite leisure activity – in front of the TV.

The context of a pandemic will represent a challenge too far for some businesses but it has the potential to transform some forms of leisure – bringing group exercise or live music into our homes through technology – while giving birth to new forms of leisure altogether.

And then there is our post pandemic future. As social distancing is lifted consumers are likely to flood back to the nation’s pubs, restaurants and live events, but questions remain. The economic implications of Covid-19 are lurking around the corner, and if consumers can’t afford to go out, they may embrace a now familiar friend: in home leisure.

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