Webinar | What next for Political Brands?

Trends Briefing: 28th October 2021 | 9am-10am | Register here

At the outset of the pandemic, we made a prediction: that a more collectivist spirit would – if only temporarily – displace the bitter climate of fragmentation and polarisation that had dominated since (at least) 2016. This far, that prediction was broadly correct: each month more than 80% of people have agreed that the only way to fight the virus is to work together.

This pandemic driven change of mood caused a change in approach from brands who’d been learning to thrive in the culture war. In those dark days of lockdown and fear there wasn’t much traction in playing Leavers against Remainers or Zoomers against Boomers. We were, literally, all in it together.

But as we explored last month, that mood is waning. Financial concerns are rising and consumer outlooks are fragmenting. Could the polarised political climate be on its way back?

If it is, how should brands react? We’ll explore how the old rulebook will need updating in the face of new challenges and new consumer preferences. Should they react at all? We’ll also explore the evidence on whether or not political or purpose driven campaigns make a difference.

Join us on November 25th as we explore the past and present of our Political Brands Trend, explore where it might go next, and what it means.

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