Webinar | The Future of the UK

Trends Briefing: 30th September 2021 | 9am-10am | Register here

Events in 2021 have accelerated changes in our national identity without providing any clear insights into who we are or where we are going.

Events in Afghanistan have rocked perceptions of western nations’ might and presence on the world stage – but they don’t change the fact that the UK remains a titan of soft power. In the post-Brexit (and post-Covid) landscape, as the UK tilts away from Europe and towards the Indo-Pacific, what does this mean for ‘Global Britain’?

Our international identity creates challenges and opportunities alike for businesses. What lessons can we learn from other nations that have successfully repositioned themselves after a period of change – and what other nations are also critically self-examining themselves in the mirror? Most importantly, what role can business play in shaping Global Britain and our evolving identity?

At the same time, the UK is uncharacteristically disunited. Regional elections have confirmed the dominance of independence movements in Scotland and the decline of unionist parties in Northern Ireland. How realistic is disruptive change in the future – and what will be expected of businesses and organisations if and when change comes?

The UK is at a critical moment for its identity and power at home and abroad – a moment likely to be crystallised by its hosting of the COP26 Climate Summit in November.

Join us on the 30th September for our next Trends Briefing where we explore the forces shaping the UK’s future – and what it means for business.