The Outlook for Wellbeing

Trends Briefing: 31st March 2022 | 9am-10am | Register here

How are we doing? It’s been a difficult few years – we’ve grappled with a life threatening virus, a cycle of lockdowns and re-openings and the kind of massive disruption to daily life usually reserved for wartime.

And having endured Covid, the public appear to be even more apprehensive about the future. We’re emerging from the pandemic into a frightening and uncertain world, with war in Europe and a cost of living crisis on the home front. The latest results of our monthly consumer barometer, the Optimism Index, found public sentiment plummeting five points (back into pessimistic territory) and most households expecting their financial situation to worsen.

In short, there’s a lot to worry about at the moment. With this in mind, our next Trends Briefing is going to take a timely look at the state of wellbeing in the UK. We’ll look at long term and recent trends in happiness and subjective wellbeing, consider the ways in which our pandemic adaptations to daily life might shape our outlook and the impact the wider geopolitical situation is having. We’ll also – appropriately enough, given our monthly index – consider the central role of optimism in all this.

So join us on 31st March where we take a deep dive into wellbeing, happiness and optimism in the UK.

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