A Healthy Future?

Wednesday 28th June – 08.30-09.30

The Fable, 52 Holborn Viaduct, EC1A 2FD

Are we getting healthier?

In the UK, people tend to be living longer than ever before, but not always in better health. The proportion of smokers has never been lower and young people are more likely to be teetotal than to drink, yet we hear of damaging consumption and an epidemic of lifestyle illnesses. Meanwhile NHS budgets are under severe strain as the number of over-80s is set to double to 6m over the next twenty years.

There is also familiar evidence of fragmentation in this landscape. Men in affluent parts of London can expect to live well into their eighties while for those in the North East and West life expectancy is mid-seventies, despite improvement since the 1990s.

These challenges are familiar to many nations in Europe but in the rest of the world the picture is very different. As millions are lifted out of poverty, outcomes are unequivocally improving, while markets in the global south see ageing swell the size of workforces, not the retired.

Our future approach to health must take into account these paradoxes and polarisations as well as the disruptive power of technology, new ways of delivering healthcare, varying consumer attitudes and new ethical dilemmas caused by medical and diagnostic breakthroughs.

How we cope with the health challenges and opportunities over the coming years has implications for consumers, policy makers, public services and businesses from all sectors. Join us on Wednesday 28th June as we discuss the current health context and what it means for the future.

Get Smarter Over Breakfast

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