Is Big Tech about to get Smaller?

Thursday 25th July 2019


London EC1A 2FD

Last summer, there were a series of trillion-dollar figures making news. In August Apple broke the $1tn market capitalisation mark, followed by Amazon hitting the same milestone a month later. The third trillion-dollar figure was a bit different, however: by November, the big five tech giants (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) had collectively lost a trillion dollars from their 2018 high points.

Big tech is having a tough time. Mark Zuckerberg facing down the cameras and House Committee may become an iconic image as scrutiny on Silicon Valley practices and data protection intensifies. Never too far from politics, Big Tech is a big part of the next US Presidential race as Elizabeth Warren has energised her campaign – and set the tone for the early campaigning – by reminding us about the US’s long history of antitrust measures.

As regulation looms – on both sides of the Atlantic – the tech giants will have to adapt. But the disruption won’t stop there. We are on the verge of a new relationship with technology as the spectre of automation looms and the dangers of screen time and social media become more pronounced. Currently, consumers believe technology to be beneficial for society. Could tech-driven fears – real or exaggerated – threaten this?

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