Fragmented Britain: Are the cracks widening?

Thursday 27th June 2019


London EC1A 2FD

The Great Depression has something of a monopoly on generation defining economic events, but 11 years on from the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, we continue to feel its echo through time.

The 2008 crisis may never have reached the depths experienced during the 1930s, but the recovery took significantly longer. When we try to understand the UK’s decision to leave the European Union and the years of debate that have followed a discussion of the recession – and the recovery – is never far behind.

This is because the recovery has been decidedly uneven. Since 2008, existing financial inequalities between London and the South East have grown, but the extent to which the nation has grown apart goes well beyond large-scale regional analysis; what were once segments are now fragments.

This has wide implications for how we understand the world as researchers, as businesses and as consumers. There is no single national mood and the moods that co-exist within the nation have perhaps never differed so widely. The centre is no longer a safe space for brands, who have to choose which customers to chase and which to forsake with their messaging.

As we move from segments to fragments, this task will only get harder.

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