The Future of Food – Feast or Famine?

Wednesday 26th October 2016 – 08:30-09:30

The Happenstance, 1a Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7AA

Do we have enough food? As the global population increases our resources remain finite, putting enormous pressure on supply chains and our environment. Meanwhile, consumers in the UK and elsewhere demand specialised diets driven by the latest trends and health concerns. Amid these myriad challenges are opportunities: in technology, nutrition, globalisation, health and the impact we have on the environment.

Would you be comfortable eating stir-fried crickets? How about algae, or lab-grown meat? The consumer appetite for such developments may be niche, but pressures on the global food system mean these options have to remain on the table.

Join us for breakfast (pastries, not insects) on Wednesday 26th October as we explore the short and long term future of food and what it means for consumers and organisations around the world.

Get Smarter Over Breakfast

Our Trends Breakfasts have been running for over three years, and each month sees a different topic discussed and debated over coffee and croissants. Taking place in the private room of a popular city location, an array of figures from different industries hear our thoughts on the chosen topic, which often draws on latest findings from our global attitudes and values survey, Trajectory Global Foresight.

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