Webinar: The Future of Education

Trends Briefing: 24th September | 9am-10am | Register here

Back to school. Back to university. With the end of summer comes the start of an academic year that – much like last year – promises to be very different.

Amidst educational upheaval, distance learning, home schooling, erratic algorithms and classroom bubbles the future of education is taking shape. What happens in schools over the next few months doesn’t just affect millions of children but their families and households too – our lockdown time use data reveals the impact of home schooling on working patterns of exhausted parents.

And Covid-era disruption extends beyond school. This month thousands of young adults embark on a highly uncertain period of higher and further education as the pandemic raises new questions about the value and cost of their studies.

Education doesn’t stop there: this is an age of lifelong learning. As new working patterns take shape among dispersed teams what does the future of training look like – and what skills does the post pandemic working landscape really need?

Join us on 24th September as we explore all these issues and more.


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