Webinar: The Future of Health

Will we be Healthier after the Pandemic?

Trends Briefing: 27th August | 9am-10am | Register here

As we come out of the first wave of Covid and brace ourselves for a potential second one, the Government is urging our ageing society to be more fit and healthy.

In doing so they are supposedly embracing the nanny state by banning fast food advertising and menthol cigarettes. Early statistics suggest many of us have made a start by cycling more, giving up smoking and following Joe Wicks on YouTube.

But will initiatives, campaigns, and tweaking the regulatory environment really have sufficient impact to reverse the correlations we’ve been witnessing between rising health inequality and rising economic inequality for the last few decades? Will they penalise responsible consumers and brands in the process? Will science and technology play any part? And will any health advice in future land with consumers in an age of fake news and contradictions?

Please grab a piece of fruit and a green tea, and join us after your morning run at our next trends breakfast on Thursday 27th August at 9am. We’ll explore these issues and more to chart the future of health and what this means for anyone developing and marketing health products and services, or anyone in any industry trying to work out a corporate response to the concerns of their customers and employees.

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