Trends Briefing: The Future of Christmas

Thursday 26th October 2023


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We know. It’s too early to think about Christmas.

Or is it? Retailers and consumers alike are already planning for a festive season that, just like last year, will take place against a backdrop of high inflation and a grim public mood.

But this is likely to be a different kind of Christmas. Our consumer tracking data shows that consumer experiences of the cost of living crisis are fragmenting. The group feeling insulated from the crisis now account for over a third of the population. That’s a contrast to this time last year, when the prospect of inflation reaching 20% and energy bills topping £5,000 meant that only a tiny proportion of the UK felt secure planning their Christmas expenditure.

Our next Trends Briefing will take a close look at what we can expect this year, but also a longer term look at how our attitudes to Christmas, ritual, family and tradition are changing. We’ll look at how trends like the Deregulation of Life, the Fourth Place and the Changing Meaning of Age will affect the festive season not just in 2023 but in the decades to come too.

Our analysis will be informed by hot-off-the-press data from this month’s Optimism Index survey which features new questions exploring how consumers are shaping up for this Christmas, as well as years of trend data on how our wider values and behaviours are changing.

As ever, our analysis will come with short and long term recommendations for businesses, charities and policymakers to help you understand what it all means for this year and beyond.

So, grab yourself a mince pie (they’re in the shops already) and join us for our next Trends Briefing on 26th October – register at the link below to reserve your place.

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