Experiences of Disabled Rail Passengers

Published on 29th Apr, 2024

This important report reveals the experiences of rail passengers with access needs and disabilities in…

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The Language of Sustainability White Paper

Published on 24th Jan, 2024

A new research initiative brought to you by Trajectory and Fleet Street Communications We have…

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Futures Guide: Introduction to Horizon Scanning

Published on 24th Jan, 2024

About this Guide This futures toolkit guide will provide an introduction to a core foresight…

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Trends Report: The Post-Recession Consumer

Published on 30th Jan, 2023

As the country slips into recession, people in the UK are currently experiencing the worst…

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British Council: Future of International Tertiary Education

Published on 12th Dec, 2022

This report, published by the British Council, sparks the beginning of a discussion – an…

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Atkins: Regional Rebalancing

Published on 31st Oct, 2022

Primary research into the challenges facing local decision-makers across the North of England The domestic…

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Arden University: The Future of Jobs and Skills

Published on 31st Jul, 2022

  Many people in the UK are working differently as a result of the disruption…

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Gowling WLG: Digital Currents in a Changing World

Published on 8th Apr, 2022

The process of digitalisation is changing the world, one country, industry and company at a…

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The Deregulation of Life and Real Estate

Published on 16th Dec, 2020

Everything, from where and when we work to how we see our family and friends…

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Vodafone Loneliness 2030

Published on 2nd Dec, 2020

In 2020, while the pandemic and lockdowns were giving us all a taste of social…

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The Post Pandemic Consumer | November 2020

Published on 18th Nov, 2020

As we all adjust to new – and uncertain – realities, it is important to…

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Tides of Disruption: How to Navigate Business Transformation

Published on 17th Nov, 2020

This report, developed in partnership with McCann and the London School of Economics on behalf…

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Report: The Post Pandemic Consumer

Published on 31st Mar, 2020

As we all adjust to new – and uncertain – realities, it is important to…

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Horizon Scanning for Remote Debt Advice

Published on 6th Feb, 2020

This report, produced on behalf of the Money and Pensions Service, features horizon scanning on…

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Robots Everywhere: Opportunities in Automation

Published on 1st Aug, 2018

Robots – and the artificial intelligence which drives them – are everywhere. They’ve been integrated…

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Competing Cultures; The Emergence of Sharp Power in a Sporting Summer

Published on 13th Jun, 2018

This summer, the eyes of the world turn to Russia for the hosting of one…

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Mental Health at Work: Still the Last Taboo

Published on 14th May, 2018

This report, produced by the Shaw Trust in partnership with Trajectory, represents the third time…

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The Future Demand for English in Europe: 2025 and Beyond

Published on 27th Apr, 2018

This report, prepared for the British Council, was commissioned in order to understand the health…

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Fujitsu – Timeline 2030: Finding our path to prosperity

Published on 26th Apr, 2018

This report, prepared for Fujitsu, explores the potential implications of the new digital paradigm for…

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Invoice Utopia: A Vision of the Future for UK Businesses

Published on 17th Jan, 2018

This report, prepared by Trajectory for Concur, imagines an ‘Invoice Utopia’ in which businesses never…

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